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Identifying the ideal customer personas for your tourism business

Identifying the ideal customer personas for your tourism business.


I always find it funny when I ask a client who their ideal customer is because quite often, they’ll give me one of these answers: Everyone, we don’t want anyone to feel like we don’t cater for them; or Single, Couple, Families, Groups, Corporates, and…

How much should a tourism business spend on marketing?


When researching what budget your business should set for marketing, you’ll find a lot of figures and suggestions out there. One of the most common rules of thumb is that your marketing budget should be 10% of your yearly revenue. However, I feel this…

Is short-term or long-term marketing right for your tourism business?


Like any business, to successfully market themselves tourism businesses need to have a marketing plan with measurable goals to make sure they are heading in the right direction. Usually, a tourism business’s marketing plan will consist of a variety of…