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Our Digital Marketing Services Help Tourism Operators Connect With Their Target Audience & Turn Them Into True Fans

Research & Strategy

To successfully market a tourism business, you need to have a strategy based on proper market research and consumer behaviour.

We’ll assess the strengths and weaknesses of your existing assets and conduct in-depth competitor analysis to formulate a comprehensive marketing strategy.

From your website to your logo and social media accounts we’ll conduct a thorough audit to celebrate your marketing strengths and identify lost opportunities.
Knowing what your competitors are doing provides us with a benchmark for where your marketing needs to be to challenge the market leaders.
Everything you do online will be underpinned by your marketing strategy. We’ll then use your strategy to recommend an agile, but effective, marketing plan.

Brand Building

Your brand should be showcased and expressed in everything you do in the online space to build trust with your customers.

Through your brand, you need to tell the story of who you are, what you do and to whom you do it for, to build a loyal customer following.

More than a logo, your brand needs to flow through every facet of your business to attract first-time customers and turn them into true fans and advocates of your business. 
Your website is the destination point for your digital marketing. It is the place that you inspire travellers and convert them into bookings and eventually loyal customers.
Brochures, gift vouchers, signage and flyers provide the perfect supporting act to your website and are an essential extension to the story told through your brand.

Content Marketing

Your brand’s story needs to be crafted into words that connect, engage, and inspire your audience to become fans.

It should not be content for content’s sake; it must be highly relevant to your brand and your intended customer, moving them through their buying journey from searcher to becoming a booker.

Growing the reach of your brand on organic search is a lengthy process. We’ll guide you through this journey by combining our on-page content and off-page technical expertise.
High quality content needs to be aimed at the customer’s needs and wants to ensure that they are captured when they’re exploring their options online.
Our email campaigns are designed to grab the attention of your audience. From nurturing leads to engaging previous customers, we’ll craft emails that will deliver you more bookings.

Customer Acquisition

Do you have a unique tourism business that no one knows about, or doesn’t seem to be reaching its potential?

We can help grow your business’s audience by increasing your visibility on search channels, building your social media followers and populating your email lists, so that you speak to a highly engaged audience.

Google AdWords (PPC)

We’ll drive more qualified traffic to your website by carefully targeting a specific set of keywords and running ads that encourages searchers to click on them.

Social advertising provides tourism businesses with the ability to target and connect with audiences who match their desired customer profile. We’ll craft campaigns to encourage your audience to engage with you.
Email is regarded as one of the best marketing tools for tourism businesses, by letting you communicate directly to your target audience. We’ll provide you with tactics to grow your mailing list and speak to a broader audience.

Photography & Video

There’s an old saying that a picture speaks a thousand words and concerning tourism marketing, this statement has never been more accurate.

The visual impact of your website, print collateral and social media is dependent on your ability to capture the best aspects of your business in professional quality images and videos.

Dated or poorly shot photography is a major turn off for visitors looking to book with you. We provide a professional photography service that ensures your business is presented in the best way.
Well produced video content can help your business stand out from your competitors. We can deliver a variety of promotional videos to show off your tourism business.
If your business is spread out across a large property, then drone footage allows viewers to grasp its size and scale. Drone footage also looks visually striking as a background element on your website.

Social Media & Training

There’s no doubt that social media has changed the way tourism business’s interact with potential bookers.

Business owners and marketers can connect and engage with fans and bookers to foster meaningful relationships and customer loyalty. We’ll work with you to craft a social media strategy that aims to increase the profile of your brand, reach your target audience, encourage them to engage with you, and ultimately to nurture them into becoming paying customers.

A common issue for tourism businesses on social media is not knowing what to post or how often to post. We’ll work with your team to create a social media content calendar that is on-brand and designed to suit the channel.
If you’re struggling to wrap your head around how to use digital marketing to maximise your business then we can offer you a range of different training packages to help set you in the right direction.
Google, Facebook and TripAdvisor have provided customers with the ability to voice pleasure or displeasure of their experiences. We’ll provide a framework for responding to customer reviews, so your business is presented in the best way.

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