Tourism Brand & Marketing Audit

Many tourism businesses approach marketing in a bit of an ad hoc way, with no definitive strategy or structured marketing plan to guide them. As a business owner or manager, you’ve likely experimented with different marketing for your business, probably with mixed results.

Our audit is designed to take look at your existing marketing strategy and a holistic view of the different tactics you’ve used.

What do we look at as part of the audit?

As part of our audit we’ll look at the following aspects of your business’s marketing:

Existing Strategy

If you’ve got one, we’ll look over your existing marketing strategy to give us an understanding of who your target audience is and how you’ve structured your marketing to engage them.


We’ll look at the different aspects of your brand to determine if your story is being told in a consistent way across the board.


We’ll assess the content and the user experience on your website to determine if users can find the information they are looking for, on any device. We’ll also dig into your website analytics if it’s available to get a better understanding of how visitors are using the site.

Social Media Accounts

Each of your social channels will be inspected to gauge your audience reach and to see the level of engagement you generate from your content.

Email Marketing

We’ll look at your email campaign statistics and measure them against industry benchmarks to get a better understanding of where you stand.

Photography & Video

We’ll check to make sure your photography is up to date and of a professional quality. We’ll also assess your business’s viability for using video as part of your ongoing marketing mix.

How do we assess your brand and marketing?

We’ll use our industry knowledge, marketing and brand expertise to assess your assets.

Where possible we will draw on data from any available analytics you have set up to compare against industry benchmarks to determine where you stand against your competitors.

What do you get after we have completed the audit?

Once we’ve conducted our audit, we’ll present you with a report. The report will talk you through the key findings of our audit. We’ll break this report up in 4 main sections, including:


A summary of your business, its existing marketing strategy and how it is represented online.


We’ll give you a rating out of 10 for each of the different aspects of your business’s marketing we’ve audited.


We’ll celebrate the things you’ve done well and will offer you suggestions on how you could further capitalise on these things you’ve been doing well.


We’ll provide you with a list of priorities for you to action that provide you with the most opportunity to better market your business.

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