Tourism Competitor Analysis

Knowing what your competitors are doing provides us with a benchmark for where your marketing needs to be to challenge the market leaders.

A comprehensive competitor analysis allows you to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the business you’ve identified as competitors and ones that we see as key competitors in the digital space.

How we identify your competitors

We identify your competitors based on in-depth conversations with you and by conducting online research.

At our initial discussion with you we’ll aim to get a better understanding of your view of the competitor landscape within your region. We’ll investigate the competitors you identify to us by analysing their digital channels in an effort to dissect their marketing tactics.

We also conduct comprehensive research on online channels to identify other potential competitors you may not be aware of. The channels we look at include:

  • Google organic and paid search;
  • Social media – Facebook & Instagram; and
  • TripAdvisor and other review channels.

What we look at

We conduct a mini brand & marketing audit for each of the identified competitors.

As part of this mini-audit we’ll look at answering the following questions for your competitor’s marketing:

Do they have a strong brand with messaging that supports it?

Do they have a mobile responsive website?

How do they encourage direct bookings through their website?

Does the content on their website match their brand and is it aimed at a specific audience?

Do they have decent social followings?

How do they engage with their followers?

Is there an email opt in on their website?

Do they have quality photography on their website and social channels?

Do they make use of professional video in any of their digital marketing?

What do you get

Once we’ve completed our analysis of your competitors, we’ll provide you with a report that outlines the strengths and weaknesses of each of the business’s digital marketing efforts.

We’ll provide you a condensed down version of the audit report for each of the competitors.  Each report will include:


A brief overview of the competitor.


We’ll give the competitor a score out of 10 for each of the different aspects of the marketing tactics we’ve assessed


We’ll outline what the competitor does well and how they do it.


We’ll outline what the competitor doesn’t do that well and how your business could capitalise on this.

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