Email Marketing for Tourism Operators

Email isn’t seen as ‘sexy’ or ‘trendy’ marketing. But, if you’ve got access to a decent sized email list, you’ll get some of the best results for your efforts from email marketing.

We’ll create email campaigns that are designed to grab the attention of your audience. From nurturing leads to engaging previous customers, we’ll craft emails that will deliver you results.

Why is email marketing important for tourism operators

Put simply, email marketing gives you the opportunity to talk directly to your potential customer or existing customer.

Making your emails stand out from the other ‘junk’ in the user’s inbox is paramount to the success of email marketing campaigns.

Good email campaigns consist of:

  • Compelling and enticing subject lines that encourage users to open the email;
  • Content that has been written to be highly relevant to the target audience;
  • Includes clear call to actions for the user to take after reading the email; and be
  • Beautifully designed so that it is an accurate representation and extension of your brand.

Different types of email marketing

There are a few different types of email campaigns that can be utilised to maximise conversations with your audiences.


Newsletter campaigns work by sending out your latest news to your audience. The content is more general in nature. They work well if you have a highly engaged audience that likes hearing from you and interacts with the emails you send out.

Campaign Specific

The content in these emails are more focused and work towards getting the audience to take a specific action, like claiming a special, entering a competition or leaving feedback in the form of a review.


Automated emails provide businesses with the ability to run campaigns throughout the year, but only having to be set up once.

Email Marketing for Tourism TIp

Examples of automation emails include:

  • Sign up confirmation emails
  • Booking confirmation emails
  • Informational emails on check in
  • Follow up email on check out
  • Birthday special emails
  • etc.

In order to send automated emails you may need to have your business systems and your email marketing system connected and synchronised.


Nurture campaigns are all about the long game. These emails out are sent on a regular basis, usually weekly, fortnightly or month, with the aim of moving the audience along  a journey to the point where they feel compelled to book with you.

What do you get

We’ll create email campaigns that are designed to grab the attention of your audience and encourage them to book with you.

We’ll use industry recognised tools to craft the emails. We’ll track the open and engagement rates of these emails so that we can report back to you on the effectiveness of these campaigns compared against the tourism and travel industry benchmarks.

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