Google AdWords for Tourism Operators

Google Ads can be an effective way to drive qualified search traffic to your website. If you’re in a competitive market where it will take considerable time and effort for a SEO strategy to delivery results, Google Ads can deliver you quick wins.

By combining our extensive keyword research skills with our ability to craft compelling ads, we can deliver campaigns that will deliver more clicks for your budget. Which means you have an increased chance of converting them to a buyer at your website. 

What is Google AdWords

Google Ads, formerly AdWords, is Google’s Advertising platform. The platform allows users to create a variety of advertising campaigns across search, video and display on 3rd party websites. 

One of Google’s most known advertising tools is the ability to bid on certain keywords to show your particular ad. The amount users can bid on a particular keywords depends on the competitiveness of the word, with some keywords costing as much as $100 per click.  

How can tourism operators leverage AdWords

Tourism operators may struggle to organically rank for keywords that are dominated by large organisation or multinational booking engines. Google Ads allows even the smallest operator to rank high in the search listings. 

Clever tourism operators can also use Google Ads to steal traffic from their local competition by putting well crafted ads in front of users looking for specific things in the region.

How we setup & run an AdWords campaign

Google Ads is relatively easy to setup and run yourself. However, we’ve seen many clients be underwhelmed by the results they have achieved with Google Ads, usually because they have not seen a return on their investment.

Our approach to Google Ads is one of research, creation, adaptation and tracking.


Keyword research is imperative to successfully running a Google Ads campaign. Otherwise, you run the risk of only competing on the most expensive keywords and miss the much easier to rank for and cheaper low hanging fruit.

Our research establishes a mixture of keywords to target, to ensure you get the most for your advertising budget.


We make sure each ad is tailored to a specific keyword to ensure we achieve the maximum relevancy with ours ads. Achieving greater relevancy for your ads means you will pay less per click and that Google will prioritise your ads over less relevant ones from your competitors.

We create multiple ads for each keyword to see which ones perform the best.


Setting and forgetting is something that causes most Google Ads campaigns to fail.

We regularly check in on our ads to make sure they are performing at, or above, the benchmarks we have set.


There is no point running ads if you don’t know what they are achieving for you. Whether you are wanting to grow your email list or generate more bookings, you need to make sure the correct tracking is in place to measure these benchmarks.

We are experienced at working with Google Analytics to create goals and track your eCommerce bookings and then bring this data back into Google Ads to help us optimise your campaigns and achieve better results.

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