Tourism Marketing Strategy

Everything you do online will be underpinned by your marketing strategy. Your marketing strategy is not a list of things you will do, but instead it will act as a guide for everything you do within your business.

A sound marketing strategy will help you tell your brand story and connect with your ideal type of client.

The difference between a marketing strategy & a marketing plan

A marketing strategy and marketing plan are quite often confused.

Many tourism businesses concentrate on creating and executing a marketing plan with no real underpinning strategy. Here’s how a strategy and plan are different.

Tourism Marketing Strategy

A good marketing strategy outlines who your ideal client is and what you need to say to engage with them to drive them to book with you or at the minimum, provide their contact details to you. It also goes as far as identifying the size of your ideal audience, where you can reach them and what you need to say to them to engage them.

Tourism Marketing Plan

A marketing plan sets out all the tactics you will put into place to enact the strategy. A marketing plan outlines the content you will write and the channels you will use to communicate with your target audience. It will also outline themes, specials and campaigns that will be run during the year.

What’s included in the marketing strategy

A marketing strategy that will help improve your business includes the following components:

Existing brand/marketing audit and competitor analysis

An audit of what you are currently doing and a comparison against you competitors to identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Identification of your Target Market/Audience 

Who they are, what they like and where they are.

Your unique selling proposition 

What makes you the best option for your target audience.

Pricing & Positioning 

How will your business’s price be described to position you as a compelling choice for your target audience.

Direct Bookings Strategy 

What booking system will you use and how will you encourage your target audience to book direct through you instead of through 3rd party sites.

Specials & Promotions Strategy 

What specials and promotions will you run throughout the year to generate interest and awareness of your business.

Marketing Materials & Channels 

What marketing material does your business need and what channels will you need to use to communicate with you target audience.

Customer Retention Strategy

An outline of how you will encourage customer to return to your business at a future date.

What do you get

We will work with you to construct a comprehensive strategy that will outline the optimal way to market your business to a specific target audience.

The culmination of our work with you will be a document that you can use to implement sound marketing tactics that will deliver real results.

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