Social Advertising for Tourism Operators

Social Advertising is a highly effective tactic for getting your business in front of your ideal customer. By using inbuilt targeting tools, you can create defined audiences that you know will be more likely to engage with your content.

By combining our technical ability and creative prowess, we can create highly effective campaigns. We achieve tangible results by constructing well defined audiences and showing them visually stunning and high converting ads that encourages them to act and engage with your business. 

What is Social Advertising

Social advertising is the act of sponsoring content to appear in a user’s social feeds that may not be connected to your business’s channel. 

Social advertising allows you to target specific users and put content that you think will resonate with them in front of them.

How Does Social Targeting Work

Social advertising targeting allows you to create an audience based on the information they have supplied to the platform.

A targeted audience can be created using some of the following user information:

  • Their location
  • Their age
  • Their gender
  • Their language
  • Their interests
  • Their occupation
  • Their family life
  • etc.

Advertisers can use a combination of any of these targeting criteria to create an audience that matches their ideal customer’s persona.

What Is Retargeting & How Does It Work

Retargeting is a powerful advertising tool that lets you run ads to individuals who have already visited your website.

Social Advertising platforms provide you with a pixel that can be installed on your website. This pixel then tracks each user who visits your site and matches them against their profile on the social channel

Users who have been tracked by the pixel can be shown ads in their channel’s feeds. Tourism operators can use retargeting campaigns to compel users to return to their website to make a booking.

Clever operators use specifically crafted offers to try and compel the retargeted user back to the website. These offers are not visible to anyone who has not visited the website and will never be shown to people who have visited the site and already booked.

How we setup & run an AdWords campaign

Social advertising on platforms like Facebook and Instagram are relatively easy to set up and run yourself. However, we’ve seen many clients be underwhelmed by the results they have achieved with these ad platforms, usually because they have not seen a return on their investment.

Our approach to Social Advertising is one of research, creation, adaptation and tracking.


Understanding the user you want to reach with your ads is imperative to the success of the campaign. Showing ads to the wrong people will be a waste of your money.

We make sure we understand exactly who you need to target to ensure that we can create a well-defined audience that is neither too restrictive, or too broad.


We make sure each advertisement is tailored to a specific audience and the outcome you are wanting to achieve, in order to make sure we achieve the maximum relevancy with ads. Achieving greater relevancy for your ads means you will pay less per click and that your ad will be shown more often.

We create multiple ads for each audience to see which one performs the best.


Setting and forgetting is something that causes most Social Ad campaigns to fail.

We regularly check in on our ads to make sure they are performing at, or above, the benchmarks we have set.


There is no point running ads if you don’t know what they are achieving for you. Whether you are wanting to grow your email list or generate more bookings, you need to make sure the correct tracking is in place to measure these benchmarks.

We are experienced at working with Google Analytics to create goals and track your eCommerce bookings and then bring this data back into Facebook Ads Manager to help us optimise your campaigns and achieve better results.

Ready to get started?

Check out some of our work for further inspiration or get in touch with us to begin your journey toward increased brand awareness, direct bookings & customer loyalty.

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