Social Media for Tourism Operators

There’s no doubt that social media, including Facebook and Instagram, has changed the way that businesses use the internet to communicate with their clients and prospective clients. However, many businesses fail to harness its true potential and struggle to repurpose content and their messages on this channel.

We will help you publish relevant and engaging content to your social channels that encourages fans to communicate with you.

Why is social media important for tourism operators

Social media channels are important to tourism operators because it is a place where consumers are looking for inspiration for their next vacation, activity or event.

Facebook page or Instagram channels allow businesses to provide inspirational content, in the form of images, video and written content, to their fans, who in turn share it with their network of friends. By harnessing the power of their fans, businesses can drastically increase their brand’s reach and engage an audience who has not become a customer yet.

Operators that realise organic social channels are not a selling tool and instead are a place for them to engage with their fans are the ones that stand to win the most from it.

What should you be posting on social media & how often

Everything you post on social media should be aimed at your target audience(s). Remember, your organic social media channels are not a selling tool, they are an engagement tool.

What content to post on social?

If you’re struggling to come up with ideas for what content to post on your social channels, here are some tips.


Brainstorming a set of themes that you can talk about on your social channels is a great way of coming up with content ideas. For example, a possible theme for an operator located at a beach location could be ‘surf beaches close to xyz’. From this theme, there are multiple different pieces of content that could be created, including:

Regional Events

There’s no reason you can’t piggyback off of large regional events that are close to your business. Discussing topical and local events helps to elevate the status of your business and shows it as a local expert. Consumers are more likely to follow your page if you are providing them with valuable information about the region you are in rather than just posting content specific to your business.

Important Dates

There are lots of important dates, not just the big ones that you might be thinking, like Christmas, Easter and Public Holidays. Some other ideas for key dates that you could use to drive content for your social channels include:

  •  Your business’s birthday
  • Novelty dates (World Chocolate Day or Internationa Beer Day)
    Check out Days Of The Year for more novelty date ideas.
  • First days of the seasons
  • School Holidays


If you’ve got a special offer coming up then you can do a couple of posts about it, but don’t go overboard, as this could lead to your followers seeing your content as spam and unfollowing you.

User-Generated Content

Showcasing what others say about your business is often more powerful than what you have to say about it. Consider implementing a business hashtag that users can join in on when they are at your business. You can then curate the best user-generated content and share it directly to your page or channel.

How often to post?

If you are creating highly engaging content that your fans are loving, which means sharing, commenting, tagging and liking, then you should post as often as you can.

However, if you are struggling to come up with engaging content and are instead resorting to constantly posting ‘selling’ content then you need to be mindful that your fans may see this as spam.

Try limiting your selling content to once a fortnight and make sure you’re posting other content between these posts so that fans can see you’re not just trying to spam them.

What do you get

We’ll work with you to come up with a variety of tools to help you create highly engaging and visually stunning social content. These include:

Content Calendars

You can use these calendar as a reference for what content to create at different times of the year. These calendars are also useful if you have a blog on your website and you’re not sure what content to write. Types of calendars we can provide include:

  • Thematic Calendar
  • Key Events Calendar
  • Specials Calendar

Social Style Guide

We can provide you with an interactive social style guide, using a tool like Canva, that will allow you to create visually stunning creative for all of your social accounts.

Training & Advice

If you’re struggling to wrap your head around how to use social media for your business then we can offer you a range of different training packages to help set you in the right direction.

Find out more about training service here.

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