Travel & Tourism Branding

More than a logo, your brand needs to flow through every facet of your business to attract first time customers and turn them into true fans and advocates of your business.

Your brand is what connects you to your audience and tells the world who you are and what you stand for.

Why is your brand important

An instantly recognisable and memorable brand ensures that your guests and customers can easily connect your identity and image to your reputation.

  • branding improves recognition
  • it creates trust with your audience and customers
  • it is the backbone for your advertising
  • branding builds financial value, if customers recognise and trust your brand then your business increases in value
  • it inspires your employees, staff who are proud to represent your brand draw in happy customers
  • branding differentiates you from you competitors
  • branding generates new customers through word of mouth

    How does the brand development process work

    It starts with establishing who your audiences are and what they are requiring from you. We then establish what it is you offer and how you differ from your competition.

    The branding process is about bridging the gap between what your customers need and what you have to offer.

    A complete rebrand is not always necessary if your identity is contemporary and suitable for your audience and your offering it may be best to keep it for recognition. Sometimes it may be suitable for you to retain your current logo but modernise your visual identity by updating your marketing material, advertising and signage.

    The main reasons you would rebrand are:

    • Repositioning a business to compete with a new set of competitors
    • The merger of two businesses with different brands
    • The launch of a new business
    • A major change in strategy or direction
    • The emergence of a new competitive advantage
    • A change in ownership, management
    • The launch of a significant new service or renovation

    The Brand Development Process – 5 Stages

    1. The Brand Strategy

    • Conduct an Internal Review
    • Identify Your Target Audiences
    • Research Your Audiences
    • Identify Your Differentiators
    • Write Your Positioning Statement
    • Tailor Your Message to Different Audiences
    • Address Any Confusing or Complex Brand Situations

    2. Brand Identity

    • Brand Style and Language Guidelines
    • The Creative Brief

    3. Brand Tools

    • Your Website
    • Style guide and marketing collateral
    • Signage

    4. Brand Launch

    • The Internal Brand Launch
    • The External Brand Launch

    5. Brand Building

    • What you should be writing about
    • How to publish on social
    • Where to advertise
    • How to get customers to return

    What do you get at the end of the process

    At the end of our brand development process you will get a consistent and recognisable image that your guests will recognise and relate to

    • Your name
    • Your logo
    • Tagline
    • Colour palette
    • Imagery
    • Writing style (voice)
    • Business cards
    • Stationery suite
    • Business collateral
    • Signage
    • Uniforms

    Examples of tourism brands we’ve worked with

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