Website Design for Tourism Operators

Your website is the destination point for all your digital marketing and is quite often the first impression of your business for your customers. It’s also the place that you inspire travellers and convert them into bookings and eventually loyal customers.

We design stunning tourism websites that look great on any device and ensure your website is optimised for conversions by integrating your online booking software directly into your site.

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Why is your website important

When it comes down to it, your website is the one online platform you have full control of as a 3rd party does not govern it, think Facebook, Twitter or TripAdvisor. And this is what makes your website so powerful.

Your tourism business’s website is home to all your content, images, videos and information that potential customers need to book with you. It also is the place that you drive return visitors to, to try and encourage them to come back and spend more at your business.

For many tourism businesses, they see their website’s design as nothing more than an image gallery. However, while high-quality images and video are essential to your website’s design, it should not be the sole focus for any business looking to generate more direct bookings through their tourism website.

What makes a good tourism website

A good tourism website is one that moves the visitor to trust your brand more and increase the likelihood that they will book with you.

Good website design not only has to provide users with an easy way to find the information they are after, but it also needs to showcase the best parts of your business through a visually appealing interface.

The list below outlines ten items that we think makes good tourism website design: 

  • The site’s navigation is easy to use.
  • Relevant information is easy to find and written in such a way so that it makes sense for anyone who reads it.
  • The balance between high-quality images, video and written content throughout the site is right.
  • The region your business is located in is promoted on the website.
  • The location of booking buttons are positioned so that they catch the eye of the visitor and entice them to take action by clicking on them.
  • Images and Video are high-quality and not dated.
  • Specials & Promotions are regularly updated and advertised throughout the site.
  • The website design is consistent with the rest of the brand.
  • The website needs to look good on any device.
  • The website needs to be able to be found on search engines.

How does our website design process work?

Designing a tourism website is a collaborative process that requires decisions to be made on thorough research not just aesthetic preferences.

tourism website design process - website design for tourism

We strive to guide you through this process in an effort to deliver you a site that will generate you a substantial return on investment. Each stage of our web design process is underpinned by our mantra of turning your website lookers into online bookers. 

Stage 1 – Identify a Target Audience(s)

We work with you to identify and document your business’s ideal target audience(s). It’s important to make sure your website is as tailored as possible to your target audience to increase the chances of it converting them into a booker.

Get to know who your target audience is by using our ideal customer persona worksheet.

Stage 2 – Outline a Strategy for the Website

We’ll work with you to outline a strategy that will guide how people will get to and how they will be engaged and ultimately converted into a new business opportunity on the site.

Search Engine Optimisation

Making sure your site performs well in organic search is paramount to the success of your new website. Optimising your site for the search terms your target audience uses stands to provide you with the largest return on investment. And from this perspective SEO should be considered and implemented into your new site from as early on in the process as possible.

Learn more about Tourism SEO Strategy here. 

Email List Building

Building a healthy email list is something that many tourism businesses neglect. Getting new subscribers to your email database is an important part of marketing your business, as email campaigns are one of the only digital channels that let you communicate directly to your potential customer.

Learn more about Tourism Email Listing Building here.

Direct Bookings

The ability to take bookings through your website is crucial to building your business. We’ll work with you to formulate a booking journey through your website so that visitors guided to booking with you.

Stage 3 – Design & Build

We design websites that look great on any device, that will be consistent with your brand and that will provide a vibrant and interactive representation of your tourism business.

In addition to the design of your site, we also priorities the speed and performance of the site to ensure it loads quickly and that visitors can find the information they are after. Throughout the build process, we also implement optimisation tactics to ensure the site is ready to be indexed by search engines.

Stage 4 – Set Live & Monitor

Once your site is ready to be set live we will install tracking software to provide you with detailed reporting about the use of your website. The types of data we will report on for you include:

  • Website visitors
  • Visitor acquisition channels
  • Time on site
  • Average pages per visit
  • Conversions & bookings
  • etc.

Ready to get started?

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